Nelligala International…

Nelligala International Buddhist Center is a recently constructed Buddhist temple (in year 2015) in Muruthalawa, Kandy. It is located at the top of the Nelligala Mountain. If you travel from Kandy it takes approximately 40 minutes to reach Nelligala. This temple is well known and visited by both Buddhists and non-Buddhists. The natural environment is mind soothing. When you enter the site you will definitely get a vibe of entering a palace. The temple is well maintained and it possesses a higher architectural value in its construction design. Gold color Buddha statues are one of the major highlights of the temple which remind the Mahayana Buddhism. How the gold color of the statues blend with the bright sky blue is picturesque. The temple includes holy relics of the Lord Buddha. This might be the best place to sooth the mind. It creates a vibe of peacefulness with the aura of Buddhism. The pilgrims can peacefully continue their religious observations in the spacious temple compound.

8 KM

from Our 88th Hanthana Hotel

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